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What is a Strategy?

The strategy is organizations long-term goals and actions/ courses of action taken to reach these goals. Strategy influences the behavior of members of organization and stakeholders and it serves the organization to achieve the competitive position amongst the other organizations. The strategy is communication, intentions, and realizations of actions. The strategy formulation is a very… Read More »

Essay on Strategic Management

Samsung has concentrated on this sector for various reasons that drove it towards indigenous and also improving its innovation sectors for providing a better quality of goods and be effective to customer-driven market. At the start, Samsung’s idea was to deliver products of customer’s desire and increasing the net income, but by since the 80s,… Read More »

Report on Strategic Management in Adnoc Introduction

This report will also emphasize on the strategic decisions and the impact of management and leadership style in different situations examining the core-competencies a successful leader have. It also discusses the aspiration of the UAE based manager, to make supportable changes in his/her own leadership style, the organizational current, and the future situation required the… Read More »

Challenges in Strategic Management

The biggest challenge and the biggest virtue as well in today’s world is globalization. The ease of globalizing has been a great virtue when it comes to ease of doing business. Globalization has extended the paradigms of business realms and has resulted in a much broader market. In the past, it was not that easy… Read More »

Social Sustainability

International business and globalization in the current business environment have led to more attention to the supply chain management. Scholars and practitioners are emphasizing on implementing sustainability within the supply chain management given the pressures are driven by customers, government, and other stakeholder groups.

Analysis of Colgate Company

About Company Colgate is a well-known US-based multinational company, which manufacture soaps, detergents, toothpaste, toothbrushes, and other FMCG products. This multinational brand usually operates its processes and functions across the globe. Colgate’s history is all about innovation and well skilled technical staff, who helped to make this company a globally successful brand. In early 80’s… Read More »

Styles for Handling Conflicts in Organizations

The two main factors and five Styles for Handling Conflicts in Organizations are: Concern for Self, and Concern for others: Based on these, following conflict handling styles emerge: Integrating Style is the style which reflects a democratic style of resolving conflicts, because it reflects high level of concern for both parties to the conflict. In… Read More »