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Social Sustainability

International business and globalization in the current business environment have led to more attention to the supply chain management. Scholars and practitioners are emphasizing on implementing sustainability within the supply chain management given the pressures are driven by customers, government, and other stakeholder groups.

Term Paper: Rivera Shifted to Post-Impressionism

Rivera was very keen in following the types of paintings done in his time. When he started his art works, Paris was in the era of cubism in art as was evidenced by famous painters including Georges Braque and Pablo Picasso. Between 1913 and 1917, he enthusiastically embraced cubism in his art works. Late in… Read More »

Term Paper: The Series of Murals

“These series of murals, taken as a whole, represents the idea that all actions and ideas are one” (Rivera, 1999, p. 66). Even though the series was criticized way back before the painting was over, Rivera considers it among his most successful paintings. It was considered by critics as Marxist propaganda and after it was… Read More »

Term Paper: Requirements of career counseling

Savickas’ theory has a significant strength in that he notes just like other theorists that career counseling and assessment requires the view of self-conceptualization in order to give the client’s vocational behavior purpose, direction and meaning. Another strength is the central aim of his career construction theory and practice in which he argues that work… Read More »

Term Paper: The Mural was made to Celebrate the Opening of Golden Gate Bridge

After Rivera returned to United in 1940 June 5, he was hired to make a 10 mural painting named Pan America Unity for Golden gate International Exposition, invited by Pflueger. This mural was made in order to celebrate the opening of Golden Gate and Oakland Bay bridges finished in 1937 and 1936 respectively. Pflueger’s main… Read More »

Term Paper: The Mural, Man at the Crossroads

In 1933, Rivera began the mural named Man at the Crossroads, for Rockefeller Center requested by the Rockefellers to be placed on the ground floor wall of the center. Nelson Rockeferra was suggesting the mural to be made by either Pablo Picasso or Henri Matisse but none was available. Since Rivera was among the favorites… Read More »

Term Paper: Communication and Collaboration among Sectors

Sample Term Paper After the US experienced several emergencies such as hurricane Katrina, quakes and floods, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) acknowledged that there was a necessity to collaborate with other key players in curbing disasters. It therefore has designed several private partnership methods such as the National, Regional and State Funded models.