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Term Paper: Study of Music as Pain Reliever

Sample Term Paper The first study is one conducted at the Florida Atlantic University in 2006 (McCaffrey) It was a randomized controlled trial and its subjects included 124 individuals aged 65 and above, who were undergoing an elective hip or knee surgery and were fully orients and alert. They were also checked for any hearing… Read More »

Term Paper: Research results on Music as Pain Reducer

Sample Term Paper The results demonstrated that music was indeed beneficial during post-operative care as it affected multiple aspects of recovery such as pain, anxiety, confusion and overall satisfaction. The flaws of the study included limiting the study sample to patients over 65 and those undergoing specific types of elective surgeries.

Term Paper: Research on Music as analgesia

Sample Term Paper Data was analyzed using multivariate analysis. Both the hypotheses, that the effect of music and relaxation on day 2 would be greatest, as pain is lessened, and that this impact would be more at rest rather than ambulation, were proven wrong. This showed that the effect was consistent on both post-operative days… Read More »

Term Paper: Top 10 Hidden Tracks

Sample Term Paper Introduction As the audiophiles would quickly point out, hidden tracks are the artist’s way of differentiating between the casual listener and the avid fan. Hidden tracks (often referred to as ‘ghost tracks’ or ‘Easter eggs’) are songs on the album that have not been made public and remain unlisted on the cover… Read More »

Essay: Top 10 hidden songs

Sample Essay Your House by Alanis Morsette The Canadian singer put this on her much acclaimed album Jagged Little Pill which performed wonders globally, selling 30 million copies worldwide. It’s a rather feminine number but it fits the rest of her music perfectly. Moreover, Alanis performed this live on MTV, shedding some light on the… Read More »