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Tragedy as defined by Aristotle in The Poetics

Aristotle wrote the early dramatic principles in his work The Poetics.  In this work, he explains the definition of the tragedy, its structure, and its components. The theory given by Aristotle was universally acknowledged and followed by different play writers until the modern dramatic era ushered in with its new and experimental techniques. However, it is still considered as… Read More »

Term Paper: Elimination of the Concept of Individualism

The university has got the responsibility of wiping out this issue of individualism from the community. It is the duty of the university to teach these students the importance of taking care of others and being concerned about others in the community and not just their own personal interests. Students join the colleges from all… Read More »

Term Paper: Community, Network and Individualism

Nathan’s essay brings out three very important terms. These are community, network and individualism.  Community refers to a social group whereby the members stay in a common specified location, have got one government and their culture and historical heritage is similar (Emerson, 2000). In his article however, Nathan refers to a community as the entire… Read More »

Term Paper: Faith and Reason are Inseparable

Modern day society has perpetuated the philosophy that religious faith cannot be parallel to reason. In the battle between theism and atheism, faith is portrayed as a belief in the unknown and failure on mankind’s part, to reason. Intellectuals have gone further to stand by the philosophy that faith be-little’s reason.