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Strategy and the Just War Ethic

Strategy indirectly admits to the necessity of the Just War ethic. The reason for the document relies on the special case of preemption based on “imminent threat,” recognizing that Just War tradition makes room for impressive or resistance to the theory of   “imminent threat” as an extension of the right for self-defense. However, the National… Read More »

Term Paper: China is Interested in Trade

China’s aid to Africa is characterized by the argument that it respects the choices made by African governments. However, this is not the truth since China is interested in trading with abusive regimes such as Sudan and Zimbabwe. While the western governments, international financial institutions including banks have declined Zimbabwe financial aid, the country is… Read More »

Term Paper: Characteristics of China’s Aid to Africa and beyond

The aid of China to Africa is increasing rapidly with the aid amounts unquantifiable. This is the reason as to why China’s Aid to Africa is bringing in controversies from the Western countries. The greatest China Aid to Africa is the year 2006 when China financed several numbers of projects. However, it has been noted… Read More »

Term Paper: China’s Aid to African Countries is Affecting the Aid Industry as a Whole

China’s aid to Africa is affecting the aid industry as a whole. The aid industry has been regulated by conditions, which are softening as time goes on. However, China is doing away with all the conditions, and therefore, World Bank and other lending countries are finding it hard to regulate their aids. If the move… Read More »