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Essay: Concept of God in Different Religions

Sample Essay Everyone has some viewpoints about the creator of nature, fortune and destiny. Differing opinions about spirituality covering symbols, conviction and practices lead a person to behave in a certain way which represents the religion of a person. All the religions have their own concepts but they cannot avoid certain specific questions whose answers… Read More »

Essay: How Different Religions View the Concept of Universe

Sample Essay The nature of man and universe is explained in Sikhism by their guru that the love distribution let the God create enormous expanse. Further explanation says that God wanted to spread out his adore to the humans and this made him create the universe from within himself. The nature of universe is based… Read More »

Essay: Religious Elements of Civilizations

Sample Essay The conflict between civilizations from one point of view is inevitable but can be avoided to a great extent by various means and the most popular idea was set forth by former Iranian President Mohammad Khatami which was termed as dialogue among civilizations and the United Nations supported this ideology and stated 2001… Read More »

Essay: Of the Sacrament of the Lord’ Supper

Sample Essay I. Introduction The father of modern day Protestant theology, Martin Luther the man behind the creation of Lutheranism was German cleric in the 16th Century. The book in question “Table Talk” is one of his celebrated works though not written by him, is a collection of his thoughts and ideals by his colleagues,… Read More »