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Essay on Why Firewalls Application?

For new issues inherent in Web-based applications, new solutions are necessary to ensure the growth of business and operations increasingly automated and virtualized. Such solutions must be available 24×7 to browser users. The answer to the new challenges comes from a behavioral assessment of technology’s own applications, called WAF (Web Application Firewalls), the scope of […]

Essay: Disadvantages of Software Telemetry Approach Usage

Sample Essay – Software Telemetry Approach Usage As with any other approach the use of Software Telemetry has several disadvantages attached to it as well. For example, it is very much possible to misinterpret or misuse the software project telemetry data. Furthermore, the adoption of Software Project Telemetry approach for decision making and measurement purposes […]

Term Paper: Uninitialized Memory Corruption Vulnerability

Sample Term Paper – Uninitialized Memory Corruption Vulnerability Term Paper: The Uninitialized Memory Corruption Vulnerability which has been given the ID of CVE-2010-0247 is a vulnerability which given an attacker the ability to remotely execute code (CWE Website 2010). Any attackers who are successfully able to exploit this vulnerability can gain the same right to […]

Term Paper: Hacking Ethics

Sample Term Paper – Hacking Ethics Always yield to Hands on Imperative The access to computer and other hardware devices should be complete (Levy 1984). This is important because it helps in removal of any barriers between people and the understanding of the technology, regardless of how big, complicated, perilous, labyrinthine or powerful it is […]

Term Paper: Characteristics of LAN Architecture

Sample Term Paper – LAN Architecture Identify and describe the characteristics of LAN architecture. The characteristics of LAN architecture include its topology, the access method used, the transmission techniques used to propagate information across the network, the media used for transmission, implementation of protocols as well as the interconnectivity of the LAN. The topology of […]

Term Paper: Computer Forensics Technology

Sample Term Paper – Computer Forensics Technology Answer 1 The fact that computer forensics tools and methods can be successfully use to identify user passwords, computer logons, as well as other transparent information is absolutely correct. A simple example of this can be the extraction of password through file sharing. If a file sharing is […]

Term Paper: The Use of DSL Technology

Term Paper: DSL is perhaps the most widely use technology for Internet service in the US. This is because the high speed Internet enabled by DSL technology allows the user to experience and share rich multimedia content in way which was never possible before. With the help of DSL, Internet users are able to view, […]

Term Paper: Typical Framework for ERP selection

Sample Term Paper -Term Paper: Typical Framework for ERP selection Term Paper: It can be said that the business objectives, wants and challenges of any mid-sized business organisations are remarkably similar despite the difference in the languages, culture and industry. Each day, these organisation make efforts to gain a strong financial foundation, increase in their […]