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Types of communication

Types of communication Communication is a way to convey one’s message to someone else. Communication is a necessary part of everyone’s life. It is a tool through which people connect to each other. Communication can be of five different types: Intrapersonal, Interpersonal, verbal, non-verbal, and written communication. We will illustrate each type of communication briefly.

Term Paper: Justified terrorism

Justified terrorism emerges as a politically incorrect term generating intense moral and humanitarian debate. In the present opinionated atmosphere, any attempt to rationalize terrorist acts on whatever grounds (moral or otherwise) is likely to be perceived as inhumane at both the popular as well as the scholarly levels. Since terrorist related activities are often heinous,… Read More »

Term Paper: What is Terrorism

In light of the preceding discussion, the question of whether terrorism is justifiable may provoke intense scholarly debate. On a moral perspective, terrorism is in itself a despicable shortcoming of humanity, which receives negative connotation regardless of the so-called just-cause. From a biblical perspective, opinion is sharply divided with many advocating for ‘an eye for… Read More »

Term Paper: The legal status of Abortion

Warren (1973, p. 100) has a very pessimistic view defense on the legal status of adoption. In Warren’s view, abortion at any stage of the pregnancy is morally allowable under any conditions. In formulating her views, Warren makes a number of considerations of the anti-abortion bit. One consideration is that it is bad to murder… Read More »

Term Paper: The Inevitable Atrocities, Destruction and Fallout

The doctrine proportionality is another rule of jus ad bellum. This is to say that, prior to waging war, it is crucial to weigh the outcome vis a vis the just cause. This involves considering the inevitable atrocities, destruction and fallout. Such a war must secure the just cause otherwise it would not be justifiable.… Read More »

Term Paper: Collaboration with Patient’s Family

This, as I learnt in my interviews, is very important in treating the patient. Having the collaboration of the patient’s family will help in learning more about the patient. The family is always present in helping the addict deal with the struggles of the addiction. It is the family who always maintains the complete clinical… Read More »