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Homework Assistance

  The whole academic career of a student is comprised of innumerable daily academic tasks. Some tasks are very easy while others are difficult. Students in their academic career have different subjects in different academic level. Managing time to deal with the homework of each subject becomes the most difficult task. Students fail to allot their… Read More »

Types of communication

Types of communication Communication is a way to convey one’s message to someone else. Communication is a necessary part of everyone’s life. It is a tool through which people connect to each other. Communication can be of five different types: Intrapersonal, Interpersonal, verbal, non-verbal, and written communication. We will illustrate each type of communication briefly.

Waste Minimization

Our world faces serious problem related to pollution. Our living style affects our mother earth unfavorably. Our factories, vehicles, excessive use of air conditioner and a huge amount of garbage production have wounded our world. Serious measures have to be taken in order to reduce pollution. One of these measurements is Waste minimization. Waste minimization… Read More »

The Best Day of My Life

Life is a fleet of different moments and memories. Some moments rejoice you and some may stab you with sorrow. Every person has experienced a blissful happening in his or her life. Some may have won a lottery ticket, some may have got their dream job, and some may have visited a place they desperately… Read More »


Superstition is a belief in the mysterious occurrences of events that have no rational connection with particular preceding events. Superstitious people tend to link certain effects with causes irrationally. Logical understanding does not support any superstitions, but these are so engraved in our lives that we believe them regardless their absurdity. Some superstitions are considered… Read More »