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Sample Organizational Culture Essay

When bringing about change in an organization, regardless of the nature of the organization, it is imperative to consider organizational culture with the regard that it merits. The role of organizational culture becomes all the more essential in the setting of an academic institute such as a university since the culture of an academic institute is one that undergoes a slow yet highly steady process of evolution and is therefore highly rigid (Hamilton, 2001). It is therefore pointless to make any attempts to expel the norms of the organizational culture of the subject organization when attempting to implement change.

A suggested approach in this regard is to manage organizational culture rather than to change it or to expel it altogether. Generally the organizational culture is dealt with in change through an elaboration and enhancement of the positive attributes of the culture in order to ensure that the concerns of those in the workforce who rigorously adhere to it are not violated (Hamilton, 2001). Simultaneously, this approach calls for the sequential addressing of areas of the organizational culture that are contributing to the development of the need for the organization wide change. Another approach exercised is one in which the entire effort is directed towards the identification of aspects in which the organizational culture needs to change (Hamilton, 2001). It can therefore be surmised that the organization’s culture is an integral component of organization-wide change and one that should be thoroughly understood and considered before the establishment of any strategy for change or the implementation of the same.

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