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Sample Essay – Hamlet Review

“What brought about Hamlet’s loss of Innocence” (Shakespeare)

Prince Hamlet was born in a setting of presumed innocence. His father was the king of Denmark, and he, being the only child, became the royal prince. As with regular children, he was sent away to school but by the time he came back, his father had died and Claudius had taken over the throne with all the conviction of an evil power hungry uncle. Part of the quick succession of events, King Claudius also married Hamlet’s mother Queen Gertrude. Whereas once a reserved, innocent school-going child, Prince Hamlet now found himself lodged directly in the midst of not-so-innocent adult circumstances and having to deal with his father’s death and, much more importantly, a stepfather successor to the throne in the shape of his uncle’s.

However, upsetting both these setbacks were, they were not quite as bad as when Prince Hamlet received the final push in the form of his father’s ghost, who affirmed that King Hamlet’s death was actually a cold blooded murder at the hands of the current king Claudius who accomplished the feat by pouring poison into the former King’s ear.

Hamlet Review

The ghost then directed him to avenge his father’s death, which the Prince earnestly vowed for, swearing his accomplice and best friend Horatio (also witness to the King Hamlet’s ghost) to secrecy.

Having been thrown into a mesh of tragic circumstances, Hamlet was forced to grow up and deal with them head on. As a result, his thinking had to adapt, his actions followed and his acknowledgments about the events facing him were quick and decisive, given how he quickly affirmed the Ghost’s reliability (although hesitantly) and his dissent of his mother’s remarriage to King Claudius, deeming it a betrayal to him and his recently murdered father.

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