Styles for Handling Conflicts in Organizations

By | September 30, 2017

The two main factors and five Styles for Handling Conflicts in Organizations are: Concern for Self, and Concern for others: Based on these, following conflict handling styles emerge: Integrating Style is the style which reflects a democratic style of resolving conflicts, because it reflects high level of concern for both parties to the conflict. In other words, under this style, a cooperative and coordinating approach is adopted by the parties. It is argued that this style of resolving conflicts is most suitable since it is very effective and suits everyone and thus results in a win-win situation In this style the other person’s point of views is also considered.

The next Styles for Handling Conflicts in Organizations is the “Obliging Style” which means that one has a little concern for himself and greater concern for others. The person following this style of conflict resolution seeks ways out and is ready to forgo his own wishes with the objective of satisfying others. In other words, obliging style may be termed as an accommodating style in which one wants to satisfy other at the expense of himself. This style is best suited when a person wants something from the other person and in return he accepts to accommodate himself in existing conflict situation

This is followed by the “Dominating Style” which is one of Styles for Handling Conflicts in Organizations which refers to high concern for one’s own self and minimal for others. The style is usually adopted by those who are in a power position and has the capacity and authority to lead a conflict resolution situation. Although this way of dealing with conflicts may be effective, it may not be the best way because in this style own preferences are placed well above others’ concerns

Then there is the Avoiding Style in which have no or low concern for themselves and for others. The person, in fact, is seen as avoiding the conflict situation and thus failing to satisfy him and others. The avoiding style is regarded as useful when the disadvantages associated with conflict resolution are greater than its advantages. Finally, there is the Compromising Style. A compromising style reflects an equal level of concern for both parties. In fact, it is an ideal example of giving and take solution in which everyone has something to achieve. Decisions which are reached through the compromising style of handling conflicts are accepted by both parties.


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