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Article Review: The Importance of Being Different

Article Review The author presented the engineer’s perspective of the cultural interactions in the workplace. The author based the article on the pretext that there is a significant presence of rules and guidelines that surround the day to day actions of the engineer; however, the complexity tends to sky rocket when colleagues belonging to distant… Read More »

Article Review: Industrial Engineer

Article Review The author in this article has chosen to address the implications of culture based discrimination on an organization by highlighting the role and relevance of the presence of cultural differences in an organization. The author chooses to take on a highly thorough and insightful approach to the subject of discussion and begins by… Read More »

Article Review

The study perceived habits to be after-effects of the combined existence of an automacity that owes its origins to the establishment of a rigid and unbreakable relationship between the response and its originating context. The study concluded that in order for a habit to be developed, it is imperative for the development of the habit… Read More »