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Sample 1870 Education Act Paper

The State did not actively participate in this sector and education was left in the hands of voluntary bodies. At this time and era, economic developmentĀ and wealth creation were given greater priority but at the same time there were underlying currents which eventually resulted in the creation of the 1870 Education Act.

After the introduction of this Act, the education sector started developing to what it is today and a number of theories helped aid the educational sector in achieving its desired educational standards.

A number of benefits, rewards were considered which were used to increase the motivation amongst the school teachers in order to provide better quality education to the students. These practices were based on certain mythologies provided by certain theories which would be discussed as follows.

According to Teaching young adults (Harkin, Turner, & Dawn, 2001), there are three primary theories for motivation and the teacherā€™s motivation is also based on these theories:

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