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Sample Self Actualization Paper

Though each level of need is certainly significant, what has to be understood is that while the basic needs are certainly significant, at the same time the higher level needs are certainly significant as they propel the growth of all individuals in whichever capacity they may be. Hence, according to Maslow in specific, self-actualization refers to that level which is the highest level of satisfaction which one person can achieve (Maddock & Fulton, 1998, p. 8).

This area refers to self-fulfilment and self-development which are integral areas of development as they highlight the degree to which one person has been able to achieve the personal goals/aims (Kumar, 2008). We can concur that an example of such a need can be those who achieve some of their greatest personal desires such as becoming the President of a nation, CEO of a large organization etc.

Also, in certain cases people who were found to be suffering from a lack of inner development would found to be fine helpers to others hence, a contradiction to the Maslow theory. Also, certain people who might be the level of belongingness might actually have reached the level of self-actualization, hence crossing over. This framework might be a good indicator but at the same time, it does have its own weaknesses and flaws.

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