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Besides fashion, films and theatre, another aspect of American popular culture that serves as a medium of cultural integration is music and dance. The dominant genres of American music include rock and roll, pop, R&B and hip hop. With the US providing the best international market for music, artists from Europe, Asia and Australia prefer to record their songs in the country. Once recorded in the US, contemporary music thrives in the international market thus aiding the spread of American pop culture.

Based in America, artists tour the globe to promote the sale of their music overseas. In the course of the tours, the artists spread American culture abroad. US based popular British pop artist, Leona Lewis recently launched her world wide Labyrinth tour in April 2010. Having toured Europe and Australia in the second quarter of 2010, Leona Lewis is set to visit Africa this summer to promote the sales of her multi platinum album: Labyrinth. In the course of global musical tours, American culture comes into contact with the culturally diversified traditional and contemporary global societies. Due to the dynamic state of global cultures on one hand and American popular culture on the other, a cultural exchange ensues amongst once they come into contact (Cullen, 2007).

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