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Sample Economic Policy Paper

Economic policy is the policy through which the government tries to increase the economic growth in the regions while using tools as taxes. Previously economic policy used to be made pertaining to how the policy would affect the country,

the economy and its people. Now however as the economies of the countries in the world are so interconnected it is almost impossible to make an economic policy without adversely effecting on or the other economy and the environment. As a result the best case scenario is often chosen whereby the cost benefit analysis is done and the policies which are favorable to the economy and also promote long term trade and prosperity are chosen as the main strategy for the economy.

Despite the nature of the book, the book does not house or depict the data in a tabular or a graphic form,. The book is written by Jeffrey Frieden in a novel form with the events and the theories set in themes and narrated to the reader. This makes way for a fresh and interesting read which takes a slightly different approach towards targeting and putting foreword the topic to an audience.

The ideas/ thoughts put foreword by the author are justified and valid, however I do disagree with the U turn theory put forward by him. It’s true that the world tends to operate in a cyclical fashion but as mentioned by him already all change is for the good and the prosperity of the country/ economy. As a result its possible from the world economy to falter or even downsize but the overall effect well be much better than what has happened in the past.

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