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Sample Economies Paper

The interactive technology available and the possibility of keeping records over a longer period of time allowed the corporate sector to analyse the trends in the market over a larger period time and on a larger scale. The complexity of the trends analysis also increased which enables the companies to establish and identify the latent factors that aid a company, an industry and an economy to prosper.

In the world today however the no economy can stand and grow on its own as it needs to earn foreign exchange and conduct trade in the form of export and import of goods and services to other economies across the borders of the local and political origin. As a result the economies were able to benefit each other in a positive way by providing each other with what the other required awhile striving to attain its long term objective goal.

The negative impact that has come about globalization is apparent in the number of terrorist attacks that have increased in the world today. The increased diversity in the work place as well as n the environment has lead to non standardisation of issues and concepts which has resulted in a wider gap between the have and the have nots. This means that the countries who were previously flourishing are better off while those who have been struggling in the last quarter have not been made to suffer do their incapacity to compete in the global market. This has increased the gap between the rich and the poor countries, i.e., the developed and the developing countries.

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