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Sample Sarbanes Oxley Act Paper

The most obvious aspect of the US economy that the Sarbanes Oxley Act not been able to resolve is to restore and re-establish the investor confidence in the stock markets of America and bring up the dollar rate paid by them per share.

Instead since 2002, theUSeconomy has moved towards a deteriorated state where the dollar per share investment by the investors has been significantly decreasing as the investors are looking forward to diversifying their investments in multiple markets to avoid another WorldCom and Enron crash. “The Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 (SOX) aimed to improve financial reporting by enhancing corporate disclosure and governance. We find statistically significant increases, from before to after the passage of SOX, in total return variance, market risk and idiosyncratic risk. The risk increases are consistent with predictions that the legislation would cause firms to disclose more negative information, resulting in increased investment risk.” (Akhigbe et al, 2008)

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