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Sample Gender Biases Paper

Along with racial discrimination, the issue of gender discrimination has been propping up in various parts of the country as well. It has been low to some extent in San Francisco judging by some of the reports that have been received. A recent case against Walmart saw gender discrimination as one of the counts brought against it by the lawyers (Korris).

Similarly another company is the city had to settle for a multimillion dollar package in severance and attorney fees for discriminating against women in terms of employed. Out of a possible twenty five thousand employees, only five thousand were women (Finberg). The cases of gender discrimination however appear few compared with those of racial discrimination, although enforcement is nearly just as tough as some of the lawsuits show. However, the low numbers could point to a lack of forums for women to come out, unlike the NCAAP for African Americans which promptly took up the case against Well’s Fargo in San Francisco (Goodhue). There may not be enough reports surfacing than there are incidents of gender bias.

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