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Sample Depression Paper

It is imperative to find out exactly how different cultures perceive depression as a disease. I plan on conducting this research. My research will deal with the perception of depression as a disease amongst western and non western cultures. It research will also look into the level of awareness in different cultures about the prevalence of disease in their societies.

My research will try to substantiate if the perception of depression varies with different cultures.

(Karasz A. in 2005) in an attempt to find cultural differences in the conceptual models of depression interviewed south Asian migrants and European Americans. His study demonstrated that European Americans were more of the view that depression was a pathological disease of the body just like any other disease and required medical therapy. According to Mr. Karasz, the people from the south Asian community were more likely to explain depression in terms of a social and moral problem and were of the belief that self management was the right way to deal with the issue of depression.

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