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Sample Philosophical Thought Paper

That areas that demand strict and firm code of reason, that cannot be simply explained by the use of the human sensory elements, were given definition through logical reasoning that examined the ideas of numbers and gods and how the universe operated and its essentials.

This then led to the concepts of what and how to define a good life and what is needed to follow one. This further went on to elaborate on the extreme importance of reasoning and argument, which brought up the idea of justice and how it was directly related to the political systems that reigned at that given time and the impact all of these various principles had on them.

Therefore, the major forms of philosophical ideas were developed through the method of reasoning and analysis, which was paved by a critical process that defined that era.

Philosophical Thought

This now brings the idea back to Machiavelli, who is known in essence not to be a creative artist as far as innovation of new ideas is concerned. His works were, in a form, a brainchild of the Ancient Roman ideas, and thus, he was the major figure attempting to resuscitate the philosophy of that period and to bring it back into use.

He made those particular morals and values of that era as his guiding light in order to integrate and conglomerate those principles as the major foundations on which he based his political thought and reason.

This then went on to become on of the most important and essential authorities as far as the modern political world is concerned, who readily adopted them, especially as far as the American political arena was concerned

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