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Sample Philosophy of Socrates Paper

As was the norm in Athens at that time that everything beautiful and rich was coveted by men whether it was women or money however Socrates encouraged people to think about what was actually important in life to them and that if ideas such as love, moderate lives and their souls were important to them or they only wanted a life of bodily pleasures.According to his conversation with Cebes, a friend who had come to meet him during his time in prison, the body has the ability to feel two opposing emotions of pleasure and pain and yet none is felt together by a man however in the pursuit of pleasure, a man encounters pain.

Philosophy of Socrates

This is true in the example that if a man works really hard for something he wishes to gain and bears toil for it he endears pain in the pursuit of the pleasure that he will get if he gets the thing which he wants (Plato, n.p). according to Christopher Phillips:

“The Socratic method of questioning aims to help people gain a better understanding of themselves, their nature and their potential for excellence.” (Phillips 11)

Thus Socrates as a philosopher believes that it is the role of philosophers to awaken people through different philosophical movements.

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