Haley, E. (2004, March). Remote control software security. CompactPCI Systems , pp. 34-36.

This article was published in CompactPCI System Magazine in March 2004. It highlights the important consideration that an organization should make when considering the use of remote desktop control software. It discusses various the functionalities that a remote desktop control application should have as well as the security features that would allow a secure and safe use of the software.

In this regard, the article discusses a specific product, which is NetOp Remote Control. In the article, the author also discusses various functionalities that NetOp Remote Control offers as well as its security features. This article is a good source to be used in discussing the use of remote desktop application software and their features.

Hallberg, B. (2005). Connections from Afar – Remote Network Access. In Networking: A Beginner’s Guide (pp. 123-142). Tata McGraw-Hill.

This book serves as an introduction for those people that are familiar with computer technology and science, and are keen to gain in-depth knowledge about network and networking. This book not only familiarizes it reader with the basics of technology but also with how various technologies are implemented within different operating systems. This particular section of the books deals with the concept of remotely connecting to and accessing resources of a computer. It provides details introduction to the concepts as well as the technologies that are used for remote access. This section is a good source of information which can be used in the initial part of the paper where the remote access technology will be discussed.

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