The following are all new stories from the English section of the website of the Al-Jazeera news network. The first story is about a train which was derailed while travelling from Moscow to Azerbaijan. The derailing occurred in the Dagestan province and an extremist group out of the North Caucasus region has claimed responsibility. There has been a surge of terrorist attacks spreading outwards from Chechnya in North Caucasus to areas such as Dagestan ( Al Jazeera and agencies, 2010).

The second news story concerns one of two female suicide bombers behind a separate train attack in Moscow which killed 39 people and injured in excess of 70. One of them is identified as 17 year old Abdullayeva who was married to Umalat Magomedov. Magomedov was one of the higher ups in the Dagestani resistance movement before being killed by Russian forces last year (Al Jazeera and agencies , 2010).

In my opinion these two events are interlinked. Though Moscow may call these people terrorists it can clearly be seen that they are using the face of a dead woman to demonize this group. Perhaps the government does not wish to admit culpability to its war crimes in Chechnya. Despite this it cannot be denied that a tragedy occurred here.

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