Article Review

The author in this article has chosen to address the implications of culture based discrimination on an organization by highlighting the role and relevance of the presence of cultural differences in an organization. The author chooses to take on a highly thorough and insightful approach to the subject of discussion and begins by presenting what can be considered to be criteria of sorts for the identification of a cultural norm. Learned, shared, patterned, mutually constructed, arbitrary and internalized is how the author perceives a cultural norm to be when it is present in its complete existence. The author further proceeds to identify the contexts in which culture exists and sheds light on the factors that are often left unaddressed in organizations in exaggerated attempts to adapt to and accept diversity.

However, the author realizes the difficulties that come forth as a result of the existence of a subculture and the complexity it creates in the carrying out of management functions. Particular attention seems to have been given to the smallest and over looked gestures that cause miscommunication to take place as a result of cultural differences. The author makes use of the example of the Ethiopian cultural practices and how they would cause the generation of an unwarranted scenario if made to function with the American workplace culture. The author brings the article to a close by establishing that culture has to be adapted to since interaction with people from different cultures and subcultures is unavoidable and is next to mandatory for an organization.

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