Article Review

The author presented the engineer’s perspective of the cultural interactions in the workplace. The author based the article on the pretext that there is a significant presence of rules and guidelines that surround the day to day actions of the engineer; however, the complexity tends to sky rocket when colleagues belonging to distant cultures have to work together on projects. This tends to hinder the effectiveness of the communication process that one would hardly give any regard to had the colleagues been from the same culture.

According to the author, if this hindrance caused by natural differences in culture is to be coped with, it is imperative to realize that the frustration build up is natural and has to be coped with. In order to develop effectiveness, the author has taken the liberty of providing examples in the form of a number of fictional scenarios that may occur in real life and may cause a high degree of complexity to generate. The author suggests the individuals should make decisions based on forecasting the effectiveness of the measures and actions they take on projects on which they are working with colleagues belonging to different cultures. The author holds that when faced with a scenario in which the employee has to perform with a colleague with a different culture, it is imperative to perform research into the culture as part of the project in order to ensure that an adequate working relationship can be established in which the cultural norms of the colleague can be respected.

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