Article Review

About the author:

The article which has been chosen for this particular assignment is named The threat of global gridlock. It’s written by George Stalk, Jr. George is a senior advisor to The Boston Consulting Group, and adjunct professor of strategic management at the University of Toronto.


In this article George is talking about his views, according to which the world is about to face a major crisis in transportation because of not meeting the demand of the global economy. George believes that currently the threat has been masked away but it’s imminent and if the prerecession trend reappears it would be a serious problem with the lack of infrastructure and the rising prices of oil. According to George there are four basic means of transportation that are by truck, train, ship or air.

  1. By Truck:

Drastic increase in traffic has out spaced the road construction in most of the areas in Europe and the USA. The lack of construction of new highways has made the traffic system very congested. George supports this claim with the facts that were posted by the US Federal Highway Administration. Research shows that the US highway system has only slightly increased ever since 1990 while the traffic has grew up to half and it’s very unlikely to go down.

  1. By Train:

An alternate to trucking could be railroads which can reduce some pressure from the roads. However the there are some constraints that are creating hurdles in this way. According to the association of American railroads, the number of track miles fell before the down turn while the traffic rate rises constantly eventually resulting in delayed shipments.

  1. By Ship:

Cargo passing through ships has also being effected with the increase in volume of shipments through containers. Three of the largest European ports experienced capacity limits in recent years.

  1. By Air:

The last source of transportation is identified as through air, but unfortunately there is not much difference in that also. No new airports are in the plan and it would take around a decade to approval of new run ways. George believes that with the advent of these new air ports gradually thing would get better.

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