Richard Bulliet’s, Camel and the Wheel, is a decisive illustration of societal account from the perception of an animal. Bulliet marks out the preliminary point of the camel in North America, pursue how it got to the Middle East, how it came to be the preferred animal of the Arabs and how it assisted to smoothen the progress of the lightening Muslim invasions in the 7th century that took over all of North Africa, Spain, the Levant, Iran, and Sind under Muslim power by 711. C.E.

Bulliet places out some astonishing findings in the territory of camel saddles and illuminate why they bear the means to the Arab invasions. Appreciably, Bulliet hypothesizes a luminous counter-intuitive ground for the departure of the wheel from the Middle East for the healthier part of a millennium—a hypothesis that is not even inquired any longer. The readers of the book will find fascinating and wonderfully acknowledged retort to a number of these critical matters. A genuine chronological which has filled the hollow topic with complete logic and superior argument, Camel and the Wheel is an interesting and instructive study. This paper is going to enlighten the point of view made by Bulliet in the book and review it for better understanding in a precise manner.

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