Book Review

The number one best seller book Hot, Flat, and Crowded has created a totally different perspective of looking at the globe. Written by the New York foreign affairs columnist Thomas L. Friedman the book gives a thought provoking challenge to the readers. Thomas L. Friedman is a world-famous author and columnist, serving at the The New York Times since 1981. At the later stages of his career he served as the chief diplomatic, chief White House, and international economics correspondent. It focuses on the two major challenges that the world is facing now days.

As the title suggests by Hot the author means (global warming), by Flat (globalization), and by Crowded (population growth). Well if the tile of the book is given a good look its quiet visible what the author is really trying to say in the later stages. The whole book focuses on the statement that how the global warming, the continuously swift increase in population, and the surprising extension of globalization have made the world Hot, Flat, and Crowded. This is the justification that the author has proposed (Graff).

The world as HOT:

The planet earth is already being suffering from threats that has made it an uncertain place, and with all the negative practices that are being conducted like waste, inefficient energy practice etc it could become even worse if necessary measures are not taken on time. The author believes that the global ecological crisis that the world is facing today has an effect on everything from, climate to food to forest, to agriculture etc. The author is spotting the Americans as to take the initiative in this global crisis which is rising day by day due to the increased competition for energy causing the climatic change.

Friedman suggests that a national level strategy which he calls “Geo Greenism” should be adapted in order to prevent the world from getting more hot and warm. This could also be viewed from the fact that in 2006 there was a meeting that presented a document which stated that currently the earth is at its hottest as it has been in its last 2000 years (Freedland). The primary source of such a high increase in earth’s temperature is due to the increase of greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide and methane. Apart from that the burning of fossil fuels, industrial waste, and deforestation has also become very harmful for the globe (Easterbrook).

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