The case study analysed here presents the implementation of ERP in Canadian SMEs. This case study examines the success rate of ERP implementation in five Canadian SMEs. The methodology applied for research purposes in the case study was qualitative in nature and based on case study and cross case methods to evaluate the success factor in Canadian Small and Medium Enterprises.

The case study is quite effective as it evaluates five companies instead of one or two companies which provide a thorough evaluation of ERP implementation success in SMEs. The research paper of the case study provides a detailed introduction and background of SMEs and implementation of ERP systems in SMEs. The research approach and methodology applied by researchers has been explained comprehensively with appropriate explanation of the data collection and analysis techniques. The five companies selected for case analysis belong to industries of Natural Resources, Chemicals, Electronics and Plumbing and Heating. Three companies analysed in the case study are small in size and two are medium which implement ERP software from different vendors. The variables identified in the case study for evaluating success of ERP implementation in these companies include benefits of implementing ERP systems, cost incurred for ERP software, hardware training and consulting, time duration after implementation of ERP software and its affects.

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