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Theoretical Framework and its Application

A Theoretical Framework work composed of carious strategies serves as a prevention science which can help in successful reintegration of ex-prisoner in the community. The health risks and associated factors affect the ability of an individual to mix well with society and result in a smooth transition from prison to the home. The strategies can […]

Smoking Cessation and Survival Rate of Lung Cancer Patient

Apart from the increasing rate of survival, an encountered smoking cessation to reduce the recurrence rate within Non-small Cell Lung Cancer (NSCLC) was observed. High probability of complete response was seen, when the radiation therapy is initiated after the smoking session, in contrast to cases where patients continue to smoke during the treatment. A mutual […]

Strategies to reduce major vascular complications

Complications associated with vascular entry sites are the most common occurrences after catheter ablation of atrial fibrillation. There was a need to determine if a three pronged approach would help in decreasing major vascular complications because of catheter ablation of atrial fibrillation. There is sufficient confirmation about performing the removal of tissue (atrial fibrillation ablation) […]

Strategies for preventing medication Errors

There are many tried and tested methods that can effectively prevent medication errors. Nurses should always double check “high potency drugs” is by making your own calculations before administering medicines. These are the drugs that can harm patients seriously if not administered in the correct dosages. Another way to be safe is to take some […]

Plastic Surgeries

Everyone is familiar with the idea of editing his/her own picture to look more attractive or to hide flaws, but what if you can sculpt your body and reshape your face in reality. Plastic Surgeries are a live form of Adobe Photoshop. If you think you are not good-looking, you can undergo a surgery to […]

Term Paper: Identifying the Cysts or Trophozoites in the Sample Stool

Diagnosis is done by identifying the cysts or trophozoites in the sample stool. The tests are repeated twice or thrice to determine the presence of the parasite and the absence of the parasite from the sample stool may not necessarily mean that the patient is not infected.  In cases where the doctor suspects invasion in […]

Term Paper: Risks in the Gastric Bypass Surgery

Even after so many years, a unanimous decision regarding the outcomes of gastric bypass surgery has not been reached. A number of studies have identified the risks and benefits associated with this procedure but scant literature is available on long term outcomes and mortality rates of this surgery. A review by Pories (Pories), research conducted […]

Term Paper: Retroperitoneal Approach in AAA Treatment

Retroperitoneal Approach – After the incision, lateral abdominal wall muscles, including the external oblique muscle, the internal oblique and transversus abdominis muscles are divided with electrocautery. The dissection is usually lateral in the left lower quadrant and effort is made to enter retroperitoneum at the lateral border of the rectus sheath. This is done to […]