Sample Essay

The cause of immigration from Afghanistan to the alien lands is the danger and insecurity that the Afghan boys face in their own country by multifarious forces and also the hope of a better future that might lay for them in some foreign land.

As Imogen Foulkes describes the case of Abdullah, an Afghan boy, whose migration from his native land was preceded by the threats by the Taliban to the ethnic minority of Hazara to which Abdullah belonged  (Foulkes, 2003). As the Afghan boys are denied to live a normal life in their own country they leave their homelands, a 15 year old Afghan boy reports the cause of leaving his country because there was ‘bombing and killing’ and it was impossible ‘to have a normal life’  (Foulkes, 2003). The second cause of immigration is the hope of a ‘normal life’ as an Afghan immigrant expresses his wish to go to London because ‘I think life will be easier there’ (Foulkes, 2003). The subsequent effects of immigration include the dangers a migrant faces during his journey, the exploitation at the hands of the smugglers, prevention of basic facilities by the authorities of foreign countries and the endless journey towards the European countries.

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