Sample Essay

George Orwell’s ‘Nineteen Eighty Four’ is about the domination of a totalitarian regime which gets control of the public and private aspects of the lives of the people through a single faction. The danger inherent in the totalitarian system of politics is greater than the authoritarian regimes with which it is often compared. Where the authoritarian regime controls the structure of government only, the totalitarian regime controls all aspects of life and thus is more repressive. In Orwell’s novel ‘1984’ the representation of such a system is shown.

The purpose of such representation in the novel seems that the author wants to warn people of the perils of Communism all over the world that must lead to totalitarianism eventually and this purpose is achieved by showing ‘what can happen when governments are given too much power’ (Reed & Spring 24). It is to note how life is molded in the totalitarian regime where people are deprived of their individuality, language and past. Totalitarian governments discourage individual activities and revolutionary thoughts in order to achieve invincibility as it is seen in the character of Winston as well whose entrapment in the political nightmare during his struggle for freedom from the malevolent system of totalitarian regime serves to show the extent of distortion done under totalitarian system of government.

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