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Essay: 1984 | Term Paper Queen

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It is noticeable that no matter how powerful the regime is, the common people have potential to overthrow it therefore in the novel the contrast between the  totalitarian party and the proles must not be ignored as the real fight for power is between the two sections.

Orwell sets the two in contrast by presenting the party as a callous entity while the proles as sentimental as in the very beginning of the novel during watching movie a proletariat woman gets upset at the brutal scenes shown in the film, ‘they didn’t oughter of showed it in front of kids’ (Orwell 16) but she is thrown out of the cinema for her outburst. ‘Only the proles used scent’ (Orwell 83). The fact that the proles are feared by the party throws light on the potential power of the proles which the party aims to suppress through the propaganda against them as they are announced inferior by to the party as those who are born in ‘gutters’ and are so must be despiseable. Orwell also shows how different the proles are from the party members. Their simple life has at least some pleasures with which party members are denied therefore Winston idealizes the lives of the proles. The party does not allow relationships between men and women out of wedlock. ‘The aim of the party was not merely to prevent men and women from forming loyalties which it might not be able to control. Its real, undeclared aim was to remove all pleasure from the sexual act’ (Orwell 84). It was not love that was to be punished but ‘eroticism’ therefore the permission of marriage could have been cancelled if the two of the members are found attracted physically. 

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