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The article under review is A Closer Look at the Age, Peers, and Delinquency Relationship by Daniel P. Mears and Samuel H. Field. The researchers aim to focus on the ‘age/peer/delinquency nexus’ by holding the point that the three factors have different impact for ‘different offenses’ (Field & Mears, 2002, p.21).

The very word delinquency refers to some kind of offence or unlawful act that is either taboo or regarded as a deviant act by the authorities and the society. While juvenile deliquency to chidren of young age who do unlawful acts. Various factors contribute in driving the youth towards delinquent acts. Multifarious researches have come to a unanimous assent that no other factor is activated behind the delinquency of the children as actively as the friends or companions who themselve possess delinquent disposition and lay an enrmous impact upon those who live close to them. The impact of the companions on youth varies in terms of the age. It is assumed There have been researches which attempted to emphasize the importance of the influence of age and offensive accomplices but there was a need to throw some light on the way the association between peer and age is related with delinquency.

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