Sample Essay

The article reviewed in this essay, A Closer Look at the Age, Peers, and Delinquency Relationship, is a quantitative research. Although the researchers do not state clearly that the research design is qualitative or quantitative but the methodology adopted to analyze data suggests that the research is quantitative. The tools for data collection included asking questions which is a qualitative research tool but the data was analyzed through mean, standard deviation, etc. (Field & Mears, 2002, p.24).

The sample taken in the study does not represent the popoulation as the data was not collected but simply employed from the National Youth Survey. The study brings forth some really interesting findings as an ‘interactive relationship between age and delinquent peer associations’ is found in some of the offenses (Field & Mears, 2002, p.26). The impact of the peers, find Field and Mears, was strong on the older youth regarding the drug related offenses while the impact was not on surge among older youth for other offenses (Field & Mears, 2002, p.26). The findings of the researchers bring an insight to the nexus of age/peer/delinquency.

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