Sample Essay

Religion is tied to the behaviors of the characters but not with the war itself. War can either make people close to the religion or can disillusion them. The second case is seen in the novel where religion has a trivial importance in the lives of the soldiers in the battle field. ‘War is not won by victory’ (Hemingway 50). Henry, like many other people, joins war without any rationale or fidelity to the religion or the country which they are trying to protect. He enters the war without sentiments therefore he does not need to fight with the loyalty when he leaves the war when he is needed; ‘I am very tired of this war.

If I was away I don’t believe I would come back’ (Hemingway 165). His personal life is more important for him. When it comes to choose between war and love and religion he chooses love and religion with an ease. Henry’s character is shown as that of a detached and callous drunkard who is in Italian army with which he does not have any emotional attachment but when Catherine enters his life he develops as a sentimental person and his feelings are further qualified with a touch of religious overtones. Before that his life was confined to visiting whorehouses without any faith in relationships as he says, ‘God knows I didn’t mean to fall in love with her’ (Hemingway 93).

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