Sample Essay

The study in question was published in Volume 114, Issue number 4 of the 2007 edition of the Psychological Review and was published by the American Psychological Association. The purpose of the research was to develop a comprehension of the mechanisms that influence the generation, development and regulation of habits (Wood & Neal, 2007). The research considered the role of goals to be pivotal in the generation, development and regulation of habits and considered goals to play an essential role in the motivation of habits into repetition, interaction and association. This paper shall attempt to carry out a review of the above mentioned article while attempting to develop a clear comprehension of the subject of discussion in the article.

The research initiated by providing a brief preface of the proposed model of habit regulation but the authors were careful to put their research in context by providing a clear and comprehensive elaboration of the evolution of habit regulation principles and understanding through time (Wood & Neal, 2007). The elaboration on the historical perspectives of habits showed that there was a strong relationship between former models of habit regulation but the current model allowed areas to be covered that the previous models had not been able to cover.

With regard to the regulation of habits, it was observed that there is a strong need to realize that continuous development of behavior can cause multiple responses to trigger and can render the presence of the perceived goal useless altogether (Wood & Neal, 2007). As a means of habit regulation, the research also suggested the role of response conflict as one that is productive in the assessment and evaluation of a habit.

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