Sample Essay

The A380 Airbus has drastically revolutionized the world travel perception. The large aircraft accommodates more than 500 people at one time and is considered to be using less fuel per person while doing the job. The engines of the plane comprises of 4 Rolls Royce Turbo Fans that can compete with full boost to defeat its competitor, are fully powered at around 82000lb/ft of thrust.

The superlative design of the A380 is the world’s first double deck airplane. The unique aspects of the plan include the comfort provided by the plane to its customers. The ‘long range’ flights covering over thousands of miles in a single flight: the customer’s awkwardness is reduced due to the comfortable environment the plane provides. The most astonishing designed airplane competes with best selling 747-400 made by the U.S based company Boeing. The A380 Airbus has conceded a long comment over the ease of travel by its customers leading the world’s most impacting companies to settle upon the choice of buying the Airbus. Although the prices are too high for an individual to purchase it, the Airbus still holds a handful of eligible customers with over 200 confirmed orders. The valued purchasers of the classy product include Air France, Singapore Airlines, Emirates, Etihad Airways and Qatar Airways. The A380 is said to be using the engines which quieter then of its competitors making it more fuel efficient and less noisy (Norris & Wagner, 2005)

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