Sample Essay

There have been several recorded personal cases of women who have undertaken abortions for a variety of reasons. A young woman in Beirut by the name of Ranya is one such person who has her story printed in the Los Angeles times. When she was pregnant and unmarried Ranya confided her condition to a friend who gave her the number of a doctor who would illegally perform the abortion procedure. Though the procedure was successful despite certain side effects, the guilt of what Ranya had done still followed her for a very long time. But with the support of her boyfriend her guilt eventually faded and she is now married and hopes to have a child in the future (Daragahi, 2008).

Changing social values among the public and economic realities have been cited as the primary reason for the rise in recorded abortion procedures in the Middle East. It is no longer considered that taboo it was 15 years ago. It is now talked about quite openly in society, especially with young people increasingly engaging in pre-marital sex. Due to the conservative nature of Muslim societies sex education and birth control are considered in certain Islamic countries to be sacrilegious. Given the limited number of options available to women who can become pregnant in these countries, it is understandable why they would opt for an abortion (Daragahi, 2008).

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