Sample Essay

‘Modern African American history’ is divided into four ‘broad overlapping and interconnected themes’ so as to ‘clarify the major political and economic developments, to explain the rise of competing ideologies, and to delineate the roles of represented individuals’ (Hine, 1992, p.126).

The four ‘themes’ include ‘the civil war and emancipation, the Great Migrantions, the Civil rights movement, and the changing status of Black women’ (Hine, 1992, p.126). The main focus in this essay is on The African-American Odyssey, by Hine, Hine and Harold, and African-American Literature: An Anthology, by Perry and Worley so as to discuss the history of African-American as well as the works of African-American writers. The two works are different in their focus as The African-American Odyssey traces the history of the African-Americans from the period of slavery up to the modern times while African-American Literature: An Anthology is a collection of the works by various African-American authors whose works represent the history, culture and dominant ideals related to the identity of the African-Americans.

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