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Essay: African American History | Term Paper Queen

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The slaves were the victims of racial bias and violence and their history is paralleled with their struggle for independence from the ruling power. The real mastery of the book is in the fact that the authors discuss the variety in the area of African-American history and culture by discussing common class men and women as well as famous personalities as  they also discuss Frederick Douglass’s ideals and works as they write on ‘Frederick Douglass on the readiness of master to use the whip’(134), ‘Frederick Doughlass describes an awkward situation’ (198) moreover they tell that ‘Frederick Doughlass describes slave revolt as “inexpedient” (Hine, Hine, & Harold, 2005, p. 202).

The authors trace the beginning of injustice as they say that most of the states of Southern America ‘had begun to resist or deny the rights of black Americans in the early 1800s’ (Hine, Hine, & Harold, 2005, p.221). The significant change came forward after the ‘cold war’as it ‘gave new importance to the voices of African-Americans in world affairs’ (Hine, Hine, & Harold, 2005, p.498). And ‘W. E. B.Du Bois’ and  ‘Ralph Bunche’ criticized the ‘American policy’ with bravery (Hine, Hine, & Harold, 2005, p.498). The issue of race has been a heated one for people from every sphere of life therefore Hine, Hine and Harold (2005) declare that ‘race’ has also been represented in the ‘movies’ (Hine, Hine, & Harold, 2005, p.461).

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