Sample Essay

The role of women in the literature of Postcolonial Africa is questioned by many African feminist scholars who hold the view that African women are marginalized in the narratives. The debate has divided the critics and scholars into two sections, one of them holds the view that female authors enjoy representation in the Modern African Literature that was denied to them before the independence.

A close look at the works by African writers reveals the fact that the women in the postcolonial African setting are either portrayed in the traditional pre-colonial Africa or shown to combat for their new identity in the modern setting of independent Africa. As literature represents culture and tradition of a society, postcolonial African literature also presents women as they were treated in the modern African society. In many of the famous works women are not made protagonists of the narratives and if they are made, they are treated as objects of infatuation of men rather than of intellectual position. The question of representation in literature is as important as the real role of women itself.

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