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It must also be mentioned however, that even though Hitchcock was responsible for many of the innovations in horror cinema during the period. This did not mean that Hitchcock avoided employing commonly used techniques of the time. The technique of rear projection where characters would feign driving against a projected film was a widespread technique employed at the time. Additionally, the use of a sound stage was also frequently employed. Hitchcock’s film makes it a point to show that the soundstage as well as real locations are employed to record the dialogue of the actors (WordPress).

It would also be a disservice to not mention how the film is devoid of any music whatsoever. Hitchcock made a conscious decision not to use music in the film but rather to employ electronic sounds as well as stylizing the cries of the birds to an extent. Hitchcock found that fulfilling context or commentary upon the scene in which it was played in was an essential part of music. In a thesis regarding the evolution of style and sound in The Birds, Elisabeth Weiss contends that Hitchcock understood the atmospheric effect of music in a motion picture and saw it as part of the same entity as the visual image. In most of Hitchcock’s films the emanation of music within a scene is the primary source of tension.

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