Sample Essay

Lincoln wanted to settle all the questions and wanted the honesty of his dominions so as to get on with the situation. His strategies went in vein because of the difference of opinions which led the breakout of the American civil war (p.XIV – p.XVI).

Battle of Antietam is probably the best rendezvous of the American civil war and is supposed to be as turning point in the war. This was the blood-spattered day ever happened in the history. McPherson quotes the idea of some soldiers in his chronicles that outcome of battle of Antietam had already decided the ultimate destiny of American Civil War. America and confederated nations of America depended on the fortune of this war. The future of racial discrimination was also affected by the battle of Antietam (p. 8).  The civil war went on for almost a couple of years but the fate had decided by this battle only and no single battle after that. There were situations that seemed to be overturning but the effects of Antietam were left intact (p.9).

Battle of Antietam broke out due to occurrences of few events which lit the fire. Union used to be a winning side and was having several triumphs. Union had some artillery victories as well in terms of naval and the remaining military. This success and army of the South overpowered the Confederates extremely. Confederacy countered the situation and fought back. This fight back gave them an unending series of triumphs. This was a year of 1862 and month of September the place of Maryland across the Potomac River where the Northern Virginia came to be on the verge of Confederacy victories (p-9).

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