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Essay: American Women’s Movement | Term Paper Queen

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‘American Women’s Movement’ (Ogden, 1986, p.193). The American ‘dream family fell apart’ with the new surge of feminine movements (Ogden, 1986, p.197). There was a ‘new stream of consciousness’ and the struggle for ‘self discovery’ commenced which was also reflected in the modern fiction that was ‘antidomestic’ in its very nature (Ogden, 1986, p.199).

Hall’s honest story reflects her true character without any omitions that makes her story realistic as if to warn the readers to learn a lesson from her tale. Her role as a mother, her obsessions, and her adherence to feministic beliefs are reflected in the story of Hall. Hall takes a stand to restore her freedom as she puts an end to the poor marital relationship with her husband, ‘All I had to do was take my freedom’ from her husband (Hall, 1984). Hall’s character emerges as a brave woman as in the beginning of the story when she finds herself in a hospital she resolves to fight, ‘I’d have to fight. I didn’t want to die’ (Hall, 1984, p.01). While it is interesting to read that before demise her only wish is to finish the book she has started reading, ‘I didn’t finish the book. I’ve got to finish my book!’ and prays to ‘let me finish my book’ (Hall, 1984, p.02). She had ‘always fought and struggled’ in her life and always wishes to fight, ‘Ihad to be strong and fight’ (Hall, 1984, p.02).

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