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Sample Essay – Analysis of Adult Development

The development of adults as they age is a lot more gradual and seamless than youths. The relationships that they develop after going past their middle ages are factored by their life experiences more than their temperaments as they tend to rely more on their judgments learned from those experiences.

The roles of Edward and Carter seem to suggest a similar pattern of development as they are reluctant to let each other be influenced by one another past the hospital ward, especially considering Edward’s disposition and social status being the owner of the hospital.

As the two converse, it becomes apparent that Carter considers himself of mediocre standards; even though he has been content with his job as a mechanic and aged healthy up until the point he was diagnosed with lung cancer, he has not lived life to the fullest and therefore has a few regrets. He does consider himself a deep thinker, when retorting to Edward he says “I’ve taken baths deeper than you,” (Nicholson & Freeman, 2007).

This is a personality trait that remains somewhat constant in aged men and does not change by a large amount, especially in terms of Openness to Experience and Conscientiousness (Allemand, Zimprich, & Martin, 2008). Allemand, Zimprich, and Martin discovered that inter-individual differences between adults may be high but there was an observation made with regards to stability in personality (2008). Aged men tend to follow a similar pattern of personality changes. This was observed in both the respective cases of Edward and Carter.

Edward, who has a sharp impatient tone about him, came off as a crude insensitive (albeit witty) upper-class individual when he was first introduced to Carter. He remarked on the bucket list, saying “Not to be judgmental, but this is extremely weak,” (Nicholson & Freeman, 2007).

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