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The report covers fundamental analysis of the Swiss banking industry and the UBS bank with reference to key variables and performance during 2007/2008. The research in the report is based on data from last three years using ratio analysis, risk analysis, trend analysis and other tools for research. The relation of the Swiss banking industry with Swiss economy and the future aspect of investment in the industry are discussed. The ratio, risk, trend and industry analysis of UBS with respect to the banking industry and economic conditions of Switzerland are also discussed.

The Swiss Banking Sector

The Swiss Banking Sector is different from other banking sectors of the world in that the sector provides secrecy to clients’ information to a high extent and is fairly stable. The banking sector is the leader in asset management of foreign entities and contributes to 9 percent of the Swiss GDP. The Swiss economy showed positive growth during 2004-2007 but in the last quarter of 2008 it showed a decline of 0.6 percent due to the global economic crisis and this was especially due to the decline in the banking sector. The sector has been facing challenges in recent times due to the global economic crisis and the largest bank UBS posted heavy losses and faced pressure of revealing account information from USA[1].

[1] Schwartz, N. For Swiss Banks, an Uncomfortable Spotlight. March 4, 2009.

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