Sample Essay

The fact that the human neighbors have servants whom they mistreat as they wish gives Napoleon a reason to see nothing wrong in what he is doing. After he makes a few friends with the human neighbors, he decides that he will be doing what the human do. He acquires himself a bed and even starts to drink whiskey. He does all to make himself feel superior to the common animals as none of them does this. Napoleon becomes more evil and he ends up selling his best friend, Boxer to a glue maker to get money for buying whiskey.

When the other animals enquire to know the whereabouts of Boxer, Squealer lies to them that Boxer died while undergoing treatment in a hospital.  Initially the animals had inscribed seven commandments on the side of the barn as a tool of governance but with time, they are reduced to one, which reads, “all animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.” The pigs become like human beings and they start walking upright, wearing clothes as well as carrying whips. At a dinner hosted by Napoleon to a human farmer by the name of Mr. Pilkington, Napoleon declares that he is interested in joining hands with the human farmers in order to be in a position to counter any opposition from their laborers. As the common animals watch the two chatting through the window they fail to see any difference between the pig and human beings.

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